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Welcome to Reactive Rover®, the Online Dog Training and Behaviour Course specially designed for dog owners who have to contend with a dog which is highly aggressive and reactive, especially toward other dogs.


This Online Course will show you how to understand your dog better so you feel comfortable going out in puplic together without having to worry about your little buddy embarrassing you by going "troppo" at another dog or person or bicycle etc.


The Course is made up of 6 Modules and over 40 Short Videos which you work through at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, and can refer to time and time again.


Print out and read the notes for the Module you are doing, then watch the videos one at a time. But DO NOT RUSH through the Course. You will get a lot more out of the Course if you take small steps being sure to spend time practicing the techniques and tips you are learning about.


As a Bonus for buying this Course, you'll also get a 20 minute one to one phone converstaion with Kathy to ask her anything about how to deal with problems you are having with your dog. With over 25 years experience showing people how to have a better relationship with their dog, there isn't much she hasn't dealt with before.


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Emails usually answered within 24 hours.


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